Decades Rewind –
Jukebox Revolution

Decades Rewind – Jukebox Revolution

Saturday, November 2, 2024
7:30 p.m.


Decades Rewind-Jukebox Revolution presents your music, your life, your memories. Rock, Funk, Pop, Disco, Motown and more. Their music will add a touch of nostalgia to your evening in Verona. It will be an unforgettable experience for you. Whether you remember exactly where you were when you heard your favorite song or you are experiencing it all for the first time, Jukebox Revolution will connect you to the power of the greatest hits, your favorite 45’s, from the best decades of music.


This show will make you feel as though you have been transported back to the time when you had a pocket full of nickels to pump into your favorite Jukebox, when music was hitting its peak of power, passion, and creativity. This group of world-class singers and musicians put their all into every single note. They have loved these songs their entire lives, just like you, and their enthusiasm for this music has only grown through the years.


Jukebox Revolution is a high energy concert and party experience that features the hits that defined the best period in music history.

Decades Rewind – Jukebox Revolution


$40 REGULAR / $15 STUDENT (18 and under)


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